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2011–2016 360° Videos on Flickr 360°Videos, mostly done on mountain summits
October 04 »   und durch deiner dessen Hans Mayrwöger writes "und durch deiner dessen …" on a typewriter Underwood 5 from the year 1912, converted to a USB keyboard with conversion kit by Jack Zylkin from, realized by Franky Breitwieser. Software in this case is InDesign CS 5 on MacPro.
July 07 » Jede künstlerische Leistung …   Jede künstlerische Leistung ist ein Sieg über die menschliche Trägheit. (Herbert von Karajan). Location: Linz, Domplatz and Herrenstraße. Date: July 07, 2011. Event: Elina Garanca and friends @ Klassik am Dom. Clips taken with Leica D-Lux 5.
February 17 » crossing a road in europe   Two locations in Austria: 1st Linz, Herrenstraße and 2nd Gutau, Kefermarkterstraße. Camera: Leica D-Lux 5. Learn more about randomness here. Its something like Lotto 6 aus 45 or atmospheric noise.
2011 February 10 Es wird schon wieder worm werdn   Kind of repetition to the Schafkögel video from 2007, March 16.
November 24 » You are still watching Gutau, Selker, Pregartsdorf. Landscape photography. Sound by
June 25 »
The Seven Steps Woodcut 1: The drawing | 2: The woodblock | 3: The image transfer | 4: The engraving of the block | 5: The inking of the block | 6: The printing with a book press | 7: The handcoloured print
2009 February 04 » Morgen Höss Paragliding flights on Hütterer Höss, 2009 February 04. Music by Chris Harford.
August 06 » Lauterbach Gravity Test People say, Lauterbach sucks. I had to check it out. Dedicated to Christoph and Jürgen.
August 03 » Another Sunday WAG
Sunday in Micheldorf. Tandempilot: Daniel, passenger: Fullstall-Franky. Music: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Chottie See
February 26 » Der Sepp kocht Kaffee Der Sepp kocht Kaffee Tuesday Schafkögel-Party. Song is by Chris Harford: "The Glider To The Queen". No wind, friendly thermals. Coming and going at Schafkögel and Gasthof Bernegger on Hutterer Höss in Hinterstoder.
February 17 » How to land in Micheldorf Compressed but still hot. Imagine a cup of coffee at the end of the clip. Made by Gmundner Keramik, pure white. The coffee black and black only.
February 11 » Höss as Höss can be Nice Monday thermalling from 13.30 to 16.30, separated into seven flights by six toplandings. Location: Hutterer Höss, Hinterstoder. Gradient Golden 2. Sound is "Melt" by Leftfield.
2008 January 20 » Platteln und Abgleiten Platteln und Abgleiten Stubaicup 2008: a top to bottom flight with Wings of Change Crossblade from Elfer to Neustift. Some other pilots had the same idea. Music: Ball & Biscuit (The White Stripes)
December 17 » Reality Reverse Launch A flight close to the snowy trees dedicated to Daniel in India with the song "Daniel" by Tortoise and Bonny ’Prince’ Billy. Location: Kronbauer, Micheldorf. The party seemed to be somewhat endless - as the road back with Cäcilia could have been for my taste.
November 02 » Big Tasty Pyhrgas Strong wind at Großer Pyhrgas (2244 m), but nice soaring and going down to Spital am Pyhrn after all from Hofalmsattel. Clips by Mr. chz and me. Pilots: Mr. chz, Daniel H. and me.
August 15 » Jump from Sarsteinalm Flight above the Hallstätter See, Bad Goisern. Beautiful landing spot near the sea. Thanks to the Almlady Mrs E***, who informed me about the rapidly changing winddirections and listed all tree landings and accidents she knew in order to make clear that people who jump from the Sarsteinalm are mad. Now I know.
July 25 » Fliegen bis nach sieben Easy soaring and thermaling in Micheldorf. Nothing new. Kind of. The White Stripes "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself"
April 06 » Peter Panzer fliegt Peter Panzer fliegt. Thermalling with nice wind conditions in Micheldorf, Upper Austria, 2007 April 06, flight time: two hours. Sound: Leftfield.
2007 March 16 » Der Sepp war baff Schafkögel - a beautiful place 150 meters above westlaunch on Hutterer Höss, Hinterstoder, Upper Austria. Take a flight there, celebrate toplanding and have fun with the wind for hours ... Music: GED WER by Attwenger
December 24 » Xmas Cruising Watch three toplandings. Location: Hütterer Höss, Hinterstoder. Music by Alexander Hochenburger (
December 03 » Die höchste Erhebung Die höchste Erhebung ist der Hohe Nock. Die höchste Erhebung (im Sengsengebirge) ist der Hohe Nock. Walk and Fly with Aerodyniel. Buddha on the way up and repititions the way down. Und schließlich bleibt das vom Geist Verarbeitete in Kraft: der Schmerz bleibt bestehen, er wird „aufgehoben" nur insofern, als er in eine Sinntotalität eingearbeitet wird - keinesfalls ist man ihn wirklich los.
October 16 » Last Loser Sunrays After two flights from Krippenstein we (Christoph, Daniel, Robert and me) enjoyed the last sunlight flying from Loser near Altaussee. Featuring Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing".
October 11 » Schoberstein Walk & Fly A policeman shows us where to launch on Schoberstein near Molln.
September 22 » Burning truck on the highway The truck on the A1 near Linz tried to get rid of some burning wheels and than stopped the truck that was burning though.
September 07 » Thursday Nock Walk And Fly Hiking up 1300 meters and launching at the peak of Hoher Nock (1963 m) near Windischgarsten. Done in order to feel ourself.
July 26 » Wednesday Afternoon Landing Short clip of Mr. R. H. launching his Sigma 6 in Ternberg, than relaxing late afternoon flight in Micheldorf (Kronbauer) and landing near the Alpenbad Micheldorf. Skywalk Cayenne: Daniel H. Music: Air "All I Need".
July 20 » Ein Krippenstein WAG As the title says: no problems with thermals, WAG = würdiger Abgleiter, kind of dignified sinking (1500 m this time) and time for enjoying land and seascape. Location: Krippenstein, Hallstatt. Music: Fats Domino "Walking To New Orleans"
July 04 » Tuesday Touch and Go Es gibt Wiederholungen. Paragliding in Micheldorf (Kronbauer). Walking with expectations to the place where dreams come true (usually). Touch and go. Landing zone near Ottsdorf. Music: Attwenger "wama liaba weama song weama seng weama song" (1997)
June 18 » Castle Glimpses Soaring fun in Micheldorf, Castle Alt-Pernstein. Music: Lou Reed "Perfect Day"
June 08 » Thursday Toplanding Micheldorf (Kronbauer). Nice afternoon thermals. Skywalk Cayenne: Daniel H. Music: Keith Jarrett, The Köln Concert Part II
June 06 » Tuesday Soaring Paragliding with Robert H. in Micheldorf. Camera: Leica C-Lux 1. Music: The White Stripes "As Ugly As I Seem"
2006 May 25 » Altpernstein Flightseeing Take off and soaring at Castle Alt-Pernstein in Micheldorf, Upper Austria, Austria. Paragliding with no sun that day but some wind.